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Fade is a nitrogen free finishing flush that provides your plants with the immobile nutrients they need to ensure they don't starve during the critical ripening stage. After extensive testing we have found that running Fade with Pro Bloom during the last two weeks of flower increased total cannabinoid and terpene production without increasing the risk of deficiencies and bud rot.

Traditional flushing techniques include 1 or more weeks of only using RO water, tapering a complete nutrient solution, and a combination of all of the above. Many of our growers have experimented with reducing nitrogen during the flush by changing the ratio of Core to Bloom at the end of flower. Tapering nitrogen during the flush is shown to increase cannabinoid and terpene production but reducing the Core by too much at at this stage removes not just nitrogen, but also the other immobile nutrients like Calcium.

These methods reduce or remove critical crop nutrients, like calcium and micro elements, hurting overall yield and possibly leading to bud rot. To address the shortcomings of traditional flush methods, we developed Fade. 

Using Athena Fade is simple. Just replace Core with Fade for the last 2 weeks of the flowering cycle. Use it at the same dosage rate as the Core concentrate mixed at 2 pounds per gallon for the last 2 weeks. Ensure that the pH is calibrated again due to Fade being slightly more acidic than Core.

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