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The PotPro™ Pot was strategically designed to allow air flow through the top and bottom of the medium as well as excellent drainage. It securely holds the 6" FloraCap® allowing anyone to easily transition to the new PotPro™ System. The Pot’s built in stakes and webbed bottom provide a seamless transplant to a PotPro™ Slab or alternate medium.

Place your PotPro™ 6" Cube into the Pot, hydrate with water, plant your plant, top it with a 6" FloraCap® and you are ready to hand feed. Advance to automation by attaching (2) FloraClips to your FloraCap® and use FloraTubing to connect your plant to your Quick Disconnect Pipe System Bubbler. Now let your PotPro™ System take care of your plants.

Unlock the Potential of Your Plants with the FloraFlex POTPRO™ 1 Gallon Premium Nursery Pot

Premium Quality Construction: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the FloraFlex POTPRO™ 1 Gallon Premium Nursery Pot is built to withstand the demands of gardening. Made from high-quality materials, this nursery pot ensures durability and long-lasting performance, providing exceptional value for your gardening endeavors.

Optimal Drainage for Healthy Roots: Say goodbye to waterlogged roots with the FloraFlex POTPRO™ 1 Gallon Premium Nursery Pot. Featuring a bottom aeration system, this pot promotes optimal airflow and consistent dry downs, preventing water accumulation and fostering healthier root systems. Experience vigorous growth and resilient plants as your roots thrive in a well-drained environment.

Seamless Automation: Effortlessly automate your plant care with the FloraFlex POTPRO™ 1 Gallon Premium Nursery Pot. Compatible with the FloraFlex® 6 inch Matrix or the Micro Drip system, this pot allows for precise and efficient nutrient delivery. Save time and ensure consistent feeding, giving your plants the nourishment they need for optimal growth and development.

Versatile Design for Creative Gardening: Unleash your creativity with the versatile design of the FloraFlex POTPRO™ 1 Gallon Premium Nursery Pot. Its 6-inch square shape provides ample space for root expansion, allowing your plants to flourish. With 12 strategically placed holes around the pot's perimeter, you have the freedom to train and shape your plants' growth in any desired direction, creating visually stunning displays.

Promotes Water Efficiency: The logo pattern at the bottom of the FloraFlex POTPRO™ 1 Gallon Premium Nursery Pot serves a dual purpose. During the growth phase, it stores extra water, providing additional hydration for your plants. When it's time to transplant or check your roots, this pattern helps train the roots to showcase your #floraflexer status, demonstrating the care and expertise you invest in your plants.

Invest in the FloraFlex POTPRO™ 1 Gallon Premium Nursery Pot and experience gardening excellence like never before. Unlock the full potential of your plants with its premium construction, optimal drainage, seamless automation compatibility, versatile design, and water-efficient features. Elevate your gardening game and nurture plants that flourish, thrive, and become the centerpiece of your garden. Embrace the power of FloraFlex and cultivate a garden that reflects your passion, expertise, and commitment to exceptional plant care.

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