Nectar for the Gods Persephone's Palate

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Calcium SyrupPersephone's Palate isNectar of the Godsanswer to the use of molasses in a feeding regiment. The calcium in the lignin acts as a microbial food while the lignin sulphonate acts as a chelating agent, (large, organic molecules that are used to envelop highly-reactive trace metal ions). The purpose of chelates is to incorporate metal ions like magnesium, boron, and zinc into a soluble but bound form that is capable of supplying nutrients to the plants. As the chelate breaks down, the metal ion micronutrients are slowly released into the soil in a bioavailable form that may then be taken up by the plant.The presence of Sulfate has been known to enhance the natural aromas and flavors of plants. Directions for UseShake well before use. Soil Application: During vegetative growth and bloom phase, mix 1 TBS. per gallon of water, adjust pH to 6.4-6.8 and apply every time you feed.Guaranteed AnalysisCalcium (Ca).......1.0%Derived from: Calcium lignossulfonate

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