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These are recommendations based upon our extensive testing. Every situation is unique and requires the grower to monitor plant health and adapt the recipe according to crop response. We want you to have success with your next Athena harvest. Reach out to us if you need pointers or just want to talk grow…we love it!

Best Practices

  • Shake well before use - Our products run through a 1 micron filter before bottling so any micro-particles you may see won't clog dosing systems or emitters.
  • Use clean measuring instruments - do not put anything into the bottle to avoid contamination.
  • To increase target EC - Always use equal parts A & B to maintain mineral balance.
  • DO NOT combine products in undiluted form - This renders the formulas useless and must be disposed of.
  • Store closed in original packaging - Keep at a temperature between 45° F and 85° F. Exposure to the environment will reduce shelf-life.
  • Adjust recipe as needed - Every cultivar and growing environment is unique. Adjust accordingly to maintain plant health and vigor. If you get stuck, please contact us for help.


This Feeding Schedule is ideal when using rockwool media. Most cultivars do well with a lower EC when minerals are properly balanced. If you have heavy feeders it’s okay to increase A/B dosage slightly (always in equal amounts).

Coco Coir

Fully inert coco tends to lock up initial doses of minerals, leaving the plants potentially deficient in early stages. A good practice is to charge the media before transplant with a higher dosage—week four Grow or Bloom is usually a good target. Experienced growers often find plants can take higher dosages in coco (up to 3.0 EC), depending on irrigation frequency.


In a recirculating reservoir, different minerals are absorbed faster than others, leaving a solution imbalanced over time. If you top off water levels, add back all fertilizers based on the amount of water added. We recommend weekly reservoir changes to reestablish mineral balance. Use Cleanse every day at 2-5ml per gallon.


If the soil is already charged with fertilizer or amendments, start a lower dosage. Monitor runoff until you see nominal EC levels. This Feed Schedule works well in most soil conditions. If your media has a lot of perlite (+30%), increase EC. Perlite reduces CEC so media doesn’t hold as many minerals.

Download Athena Ag Feed Chart Here


Athena blended lineFeed chart

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