In Business Since 2019

Family and locally owned and operated since 2019, 815 Gardens provides lighting, fertilizer, growing media and ventilation to the Rockford, IL area. Proper lighting is crucial to the success of indoor gardening.

 Let 815 Gardens help you choose the correct lighting system and accessories. Choose from a wide variety of dry and liquid fertilizers for your indoor garden. Your plants will grow strong with our salt-based and organic fertilizers.

 At 815 Gardens, the two main grow medium options for an indoor garden are soil and hydroponic media. There's much to consider when deciding between the two. Feeding your plant is the process of giving it the chemicals and compounds it needs to grow. Whether your grow media is soil or some other hydroponic media from coco based to worm castings, we carry it all. Call (815) 977-3249 or visit us today.


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