Why Choose Hydroponic Gardening?

Increase your yields with a hydroponics system provided by 815 Gardens & Brewing, Inc

While soil-less gardens have been around since antiquity, hydroponics became a viable alternative to traditional horticulture in the 1950s and '60s. A hydroponics system is a gardening method used to grow vegetation without soil. Instead, the gardeners use nutrient-rich water, either by itself or in other growing mediums.

When scientists realized that hydroponics helped plants grow faster and produce greater yields, it revolutionized professional and amateur horticulture. Experience the advantages for yourself by shopping at 815 Gardens & Brewing, Inc.

815 Gardens & Brewing makes local indoor and outdoor gardening simpler

815 Gardens & Brewing grew from a passion for indoor horticulture. Because finding the right equipment from a local source was a constant challenge, we decided to fill the need by opening our own hydroponics equipment shop in Rockford, IL.

You can find complete lighting and water systems, soils, fertilizers and accessories at our shop.

Set Up the Perfect Indoor Garden

Get the equipment you need to create an ideal indoor greenhouse

3 benefits of indoor gardening

In areas that experience four distinct seasons and a wide range of weather patterns, such as Illinois, maintaining an indoor garden offers many benefits. For instance, indoor gardening gives you...

  1. Complete control: Outdoor gardens are at the mercy of the weather and other factors outside your control. Gardening indoors lets you manage the temperature, humidity, light levels and soil nutrients.
  2. Better accessibility: Indoor gardening allows those without a large backyard, or those who have mobility challenges, to grow their own flowers, vegetables and herbs.
  3. Year-round growth: Your growing timeline doesn't need to be limited by the seasons. Increase yields and keep fresh blooms all year long.

If you're ready to start or upgrade your indoor garden, call 815 Gardens & Brewing at 815-977-3249 today.

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