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Indoor gardening gives you more control over a healthy beautiful plant. But to run a successful interior farm, you still need dependable equipment. That's where 815 Gardens comes in.

We sell high-quality indoor gardening supplies for affordable prices in Rockford, IL and the surrounding areas. Reach out to us for all your lighting, fertilizer or room ventilation needs.


Without proper indoor garden lighting, you won't receive a good harvest. Reach out to our experts for advice when choosing your lighting system and accessories.


Whether you prefer to add dry or liquid fertilizers to your garden, we have the products you need. Help your plants grow strong and healthy with our salt-based, organic fertilizers.

Growing Media

Learn about the differences between soil and hydroponic media, and find out which option will work best for your indoor garden.

Room Ventilation

Don't let your plants suffocate - make sure they can breathe and grow by installing an effective ventilation system.

Get the necessary equipment to maintain a plentiful garden

Learn about the future of farming

As a farmer, it's important to ensure that your plants are getting the nutrients they need to thrive. That's why locals are loving the hydroponics system.

Unlike traditional farming with soil, hydroponics equipment is:

More efficient

Save money by utilizing a system that uses water 90% more efficiently

More effective

Increase your production by 3 to 10 times in the same amount of space

More green

Avoid using harmful chemicals or pest control products on your produce

By utilizing a hydroponics farming method, you can grow and harvest more produce in less time. Revolutionize the way you farm by installing hydroponics equipment in or around Rockford, IL today.

Check out a few of our top-notch name brand products

We pride ourselves on providing all the equipment you'll need to maintain a prosperous indoor farm. A few of our customer favorites include:

  • DaKine 420 fertilizer
  • Gavita 1700e LED lights
  • Hurricane Pro ventilation systems
Call 815-977-3249 now to find out if we have the indoor gardening supplies you need to help your farm prosper. We look forward to serving you in the Rockford, IL area.