Boveda 58% 2-Way Humidity Packs (Size 4) Single


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If you like to buy in bulk or grow at home, Boveda Size 67 for weed is right for you. This Boveda 58% RH Size 67 keeps up to one pound of cannabis or hemp fresh in humid climates. It also works well for those who like buds that are easier to break down. This Boveda pack will keep flower fresh for months, and protect its terpenes. It’s as easy as slipping the palm-sized packet into your container or bag.

58% RH is for:

  • People who live in more humid climates
  • People who prefer buds that are easier to break down

Size 67 is for:

  • Large airtight weed storage containers or bags, including jars, CVaults, or canisters
  • Keeping up to one pound (453 grams) of weed fresh

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