CANNA Coco 50L Bags

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CANNA Coco 50L Bags

CANNA COCO substrate has a fine, uniform structure, free from viruses and soil diseases.

The fact that CANNA COCO is not steamed is not the only thing that distinguishes it from other coco substrates; this is also achieved by the use of pure, first class source materials. Which come from India, where CANNA's production facilities use fresh water only to soak the coco. This to make sure no salts gets in contact with CANNA COCO, ensuring a clean product.

  • CANNA COCO medium is a pure product with a homogeneous structure and has had a full buffering to prevent that the medium consumes the nutrients, Instead the nutrients are directly available to the plant
  • CANNA COCO medium is free of harmful viruses and soil diseases, thanks to CANNA’s unique production process.
  • CANNA COCO medium has a complex water/air balance that provides the ideal conditions for growing plants
  • CANNA COCO medium can be re-used a number of times and makes an excellent potting mix improver after use.

CANNA COCO = R.H.P. quality

Specially selected prime Indian coconuts form the base for CANNA COCO substrate. Not touching the outdoor ground in the complete production process ensures the end product is free of weeds. Washed in fresh water means no salts are present. The production process is subject to strict quality controls.

CANNA COCO medium carries the strictest R.H.P. for Horticulture quality mark. Actually, the quality of this product goes well beyond the R.H.P. standard. The R.H.P. inspection is not limited to the finished product but covers the sourcing and processing of raw materials all the way to the bag.

CANNA’s buffering process allows us to ‘pre-program’ the medium to a certain age. This ensures you get the same consistent, high quality material time after time.

Directions of Use

Water usage


  • give water daily with the special CANNA COCO fertilizer.
  • if you are not able to give water to the plants daily, use a bigger container.


  • after plants are well established 1-3 times a day depending on water use


About 5 liters / 1.5 gallon of CANNA COCO fertilizer solution per m2 /10 sq.ft. a day (for full-grown plants). For bigger plants use a minimum of 5 liters/1.5 gallon. Using a bigger pot provides you with a more stable root environment. keep in mind to provide sufficient means of drainage in your pots. Possibly use a thin layer of CANNA Aqua Clay Pebbles at the bottom of the container for proper drainage.

CANNA COCO's water/ air complex contains 73% water and 23% air. Furthermore, the coconut grind is pre-buffered according to a special procedure. This is necessary to obtain an optimal growing condition, assuring the best development potential of your plants.

Use CANNA COCO with the appropriate fertilizer and you know you are investing in quality and certainty!

The plastic bag can be recycled. CANNA COCO is a 100% natural product, made from coconut grind. Contents: 50 Liter

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