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The Easiest Way To Cultivate The Highest-Quality Grow Phase!

For a vigorous grow phase, OG Organics? Iguana Juice? Grow is the ultra-premium one-part base nutrient you need. This special formulation contains a diverse spectrum of primary, secondary and amino-complexed micronutrients for robust rooting and thick, strong stalks that support the most vibrant vegetation. With no residual emitterclogging particulates left behind, this powerful product won?t turn to sludge in your system. Of course, Iguana Juice Grow can be used for organic cultivation, and you risk absolutely nothing, thanks to our 100% money-back Grower Guarantee.

OG Organics Iguana Juice Grow is specially designed for use with all hydroponic growing media, including coco coir, as well as continuous liquid-feed growing systems such as aeroponics, drip irrigation and emitters, NFT, fl ood and drain, and deep water culture.

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